Monday, October 30, 2006


Music In: Ominous, mysterious tones
Mvo: Eerie, narrator read

It was the last night of the manchester comedy festival...
The girls drove around the quiet back streets looking for Charlies...
Venturing tentatively, they soon discovered they would have the last laugh!

Mwah hahahahahahaha

Music Out:

Sunday night i was party to a very intimate comedy performance from one Alex Laserev.
being the only person who had bought tickets! i'm so very glad i didn't go by myself,* that would have been REALLY embarrassing.
as it was it was just quite embarrassing...

poor bloke. he was up from London for his big gig and nobody had bothered getting him any punters. so he tells me, my housemate Jo, some dude Mike from WFM** and his box office chick his story of being deported.

i giggle all the way thru - it's just the kinda girl i am - i'm good comedy audience right here! i only ever shout out nice/silly things and i always laugh.

well unless you're really rubbish! or 'just for the blokes' material. which is just lazy!

but i giggled thru matey's story of deportation.
and it was a really great set.
shame that only me and two other people saw it!

after his story we took him for a drink round at the fab cafe - i felt so sorry for him and he was taking it all very well!

in the bar we drank tea because i was driving and he doesn't drink, but Jo had alcopops.
what ensued i can only descibe a surreal group massagathon! haha***
he asked me to rub his bad shoulder and when i failed to apply enough pressure he said he's show me how it's done and proceeded to stick his fingers into my spine - ow!
but he gets Jo to do his back and we're in this line in the fab cafe - massaging! haha
then some dude from across the bar comes and sits infront of me and his mate goes behind Jo -it's a mass spontanteous back massage club! haha

surreal is not the word.

jolly good fun for a sunday night tho eh?!

*which i nearly did cos my comedy buddy blew me out and i had to find a last minute replacement!

**Alex had done a radio interview that morning on this guys show - WFM is the best community radio station ever! 97.2 kids!

***boyfriend: don't worry! it's not like it sounds! haha

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