Wednesday, October 18, 2006

she reaches parts other personal trainers just don't reach

blogs are like buses. discuss.

anyhoo - i'm aching today!
i have a new personal trainer called Erin.
she's from Australia and she likes Guinness. brilliant news!
i had to sack my last one for being too rubbish but this new one is super duper!

last week for our first session i hurt all the next day in places i didn't know i had!
today after another session i am again discovering its possible to hurt in places i didn't know where there!

which of course is brilliant news - that's what personal trainers are supposed to do!
i only have one more session before my pikey personal trainer bundle i bought when i joined runs out but hopefully she'll have given me lots to work on to get me thru winter!

i have been rubbish about going the gym the last month - only been once a week! i ain't gonna get any fitter with that attitude now am i? haha

mmm... chocolate....

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