Monday, October 09, 2006

knock knock

my man did some stand up on Friday night - well, he tried to do some stand up - it was more like 2 and a half minutes of him looking scared on stage! haha
it takes serious b*ll*cks getting up and trying to make peeps laugh tho so i have nothing but respect for him for having a go at all*

what was weird is recognising all the new acts trying their luck inSheffield - we'd seen nearly all of them in Manchester's Giggle n Funk night at the Zumeba
i was guessing the gags!
i've gotta spend my weekends doing something else man - i feel like i'm suffering from comedy overexposure!**

it's the manchester comedy festival in a week or so and i'm really looking forward to it - i'm not happy that i have work to go to inbetween all the fabulous comedy i'm lining up for myself though - ruined! that will get in the way of the beer! haha
but will i need to go cold turkey for a month afters? i don't wanna know everyones gags! i wanna enjoy comedy not 'know' it! haha

my flexible friend hasn't even recovered from the edinburgh comedy festival so i don't know what it will think of another bashing... expensive hobby this comedy m'larky!***

*which is what i haven't done! yet... haha - watch out world! knock knock...

**not entirely disimilar to when, over a period of a couple of weeks while at university, i over-indulged on Linda McCartney Sausage Rolls. can't even look at them now. ruined! they were really nice! haha

***except for Giggle n Funk at the Zumeba - tres affordable at five punds a pop! haha - will they put ME on the guest list now? haha

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