Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a week rolls by and no blog!

my gosh! how time flies when you're busy at work!
i can't believe i haven't blogged in a week! haha
been earning my money this week obviously!

funny things happen on buses.
it's true! listen to this!

i was travelling into town to meet Jo from work for a beer before comedy* and i got a text from her saying she was on her way.
i text her back to say i was on the bus.
20 minutes later she says she's on the bus - should be there on time.
i text and say i'm on the bus but i might be late cos i was still 20 minutes away from where we were sposed to meet in 10 minutes!
10 minutes later we're on Oxford Rd and i hear 'Jodie is that you?'
it's Jo.
she'd got on my bus about 15 minutes earlier and we'd been texting each other on the same bus!
haha, insane.
we giggled a lot.
as did the girls sat opposite her who overheard our ridiculous story!
what a couple of geeks. haha

*comedy at the Zumebar which has mysteriously vanished into, what i can only imagine is a parallel comedy universe, where they're all having a proper laugh without us : (
refurbishment apparently, very odd on the week's eve of the comedy festival...

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