Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the green cross code

hello there children

always remember your green cross code!

i witnessed a girl getting knocked over on Sunday night at a pedestrian crossing

she was in a hurry i suppose

i hope she's okay, i didn't hang around to find out as i was on my way to meet a friend*

but oh my god! i'm so wary of crossing roads now!**

thing is it was her own fault for running out into a road that had just changed from red to green. sure the car was possibly speeding up along the right hand lane to have come from nowhere like that but she should've just waited to cross like i did!

she was with a friend, possible boyfriend, who ran out after her - but fortunately escaped being hit himself.

i keep getting flashbacks of the moment her legs flew thru the air.


maybe they need witnesses to the accident.

i really do hope she's ok.

*ironically to watch some comedy. i have to say Russell Brand worked hard for his money and i was giggling away before too long. Which is not what i can say about his support act Trevor Lock who is yet to find a style all of his own. Frankie Howard and Harry Hill spring to mind immediately.

**this is annoying because my boyf always gives me a hard time for crossing roads at my leisure - as opposed to waiting for the green man. i am a busy lady. i do not however cross if i can't see the road! (heavy sigh)

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