Monday, February 19, 2007

captain's log

Over the weekend my man treated me to some youtube nonsense. He likes youtube and has started making lots of his own brilliant videos you can see one of them here.

You can pretty much type anything into the search on youtube and get a good result! Among other things we searched for William Shatner and found this startling video:

Such a lot of love has gone into this production! Brilliant work.
I also heard his cover of Pulp's Common People again recently - still haven't got a copy of that piece of genius! My man also made me watch the Leonard Nimmoy Bilbo Baggins video but frankly he just wasn't as cool at the Shatner!

We saw Steve Hughes live on Saturday night in Sheffield's premier comedy venue. He rocked! Aussie guy based in Manchester with a very laid back style. And serious hair!
And i read lots of my new book Getting rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon which is quite unputdownable! haha, the highest compliment for a piece of chicklit surely?!

This weekend also saw some seriously nice chocolate chip cookies go down as comfort food for my stinking cold - but i'm fighting it on the beaches! o yes!
Vitamin C overdose a-go-go!

Than last night i went to see Russell Brand again with my friend Belle over in Liverpool - she was loving it. At the photo op afters he said she smelled nice. We'll never hear the end of it! But he is very scrummy...

This blog has become rather fragmented and while illustrates my weekend fully, is a bleak snapshot to my rather fractured mind today... over and out!

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G.S. said...

Hysterical video!!