Tuesday, February 13, 2007

obesity isn't a disease

last night me and my man were on the front row for Ricky Gervais latest stand up tour FAME.

he was really poorly and had beer, benylin and throat spray on hand throughout the performance. he even got heckled by a guy shouting for him to drink some more benylin! haha

it was really good. and really cool to be so close. i did get a big of neck ache being so short but it was alright. Robin Ince did support and we're big fans of Robin and Ricky so it was a comedy fest for us! I've heard most of Robin's act tho so i enjoyed Ricky more. he does a load of material about the effects of fame. like how he didn't realise he was fat before he was famous and called a chubby funster! haha and how he found Dawn French calling him fat was a bit cheeky really! haha

especially the story about his rubbish bedsit in Kings Cross with his girlfriend Jane when he used to piss on the dishes in the sink in the night to avoid going to the shared bathroom downstairs. haha, she has suffered!

talking of Jane Fallon i bought her book at the weekend. she was the producer of This Life and is my friend Clare's cousin (its a west country thing). i didn't know she had a book out but the cover caught my eye while i was browsing. it's called 'Getting Rid of Matthew' and the synopsis on the back was really funny. so i bought it and i'll keep you posted as to whether it's any good once i've got round to reading it!

it was so mad seeing someone you've watched so much on the telly standing right in front of you! haha, and he's exactly the same. brilliant. go see him if you get the chance. i can't wait to watch it again on dvd...

hope his flu doesn't get worse bless him.

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