Wednesday, February 21, 2007

suicidal cyclists

sounds like a great name for a band doesn't it?
but no, it was my drive into work.
i am now over the initial tearful shock so i can relay to you my story of two lycra clad men trying to ruin my day.
as i approached the A560 this morning two cyclists were up ahead not single file in the cycle lane - no that would be too normal - riding side by side presumably talking about who looked better in their ridiculous lycra*
then on hearing a motor car behind them (me) made no move to cycle single file and so i tried to overtake. at this point the one on the right tried to cycle into the right lane and crashed into me.
what a c*ck.
so he falls of his bike and his mate comes over, busting for a fight, shouting at me 'what's the rush?!' nostrils a-flarin' at me - everything!
i apologised and explained that they'd been riding side by side taking up the road and hadn't indicated to let me know they were going right so i'd merely been trying to overtake. angry cyclist then told me cyclists 'couldn't' indicate as they'd lose control of their bikes!!!

well i haven't riden a bike in a long time but i am pretty certain that when being taught to ride a bike, green cross code, etc etc many moons ago that cyclists must indicate with their hands in order to stop them from being run over!

knocked over cyclist said he was ok - i apologised again - and then drove off muttering what idiots they were, 'who do they think they are?!', 'they don't own the road!', 'c*nts!' etc

then i started crying. crying while driving - they really have a lot to answer for!!

now i'm here telling you all about it. i was in the right. they were c*cks. any cctv will back me up. and we know Manchester likes it's cctv.

the lycra must make them feel invincible or something.
luckily they didn't damage my car.
what a start to the day...

*yes, i am feeling quite bitter about my run in with these ridiculouly dressed boys.

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