Monday, February 26, 2007

Harrison Buttery

My friend Rob from work had a baby this weekend, well his wife Louise did anyway!

It's been a topic of conversation for us during the 7 months I've been working at my current job and I feel like I know little Harrison already! His name is a clever nod to Star Wars and a more obvious nod to Harrison Ford.

I already know of a small boy called Harrison, my last boss had a 7 year old called it but I thought of it more a Beatles thing then... Rob said the couple next door to them in the maternity ward where thinking of Harrison too! Where has this come from?

I suppose it's an easy thing to think about, possible offsprings names. Even tho parenthood is a long way off* me and my man discussed Frank as a boy's name since it was his Grandad's name and I really like it. Then my friend Louise finds out she's having a baby boy in May and they're calling it... you've guessed it; Frank! Must be something in the water. No matter how much he wants to we're not callign anyone Kylie - except maybe a pet. A pet can be Kylie.

I had fish called Starsky and Hutch while at University. They both died. So I replaced them with a big gold one but didn't name it since I figured names meant emotional attachement and he'd probably bite it the following week.

Yep, he lived for years - longer than my stay at University and I gave him to my next door neighbour/ landlady's daughter Rachel cos i was off to the big city to make a living and had no time for fish... I wonder if he's still alive! He used to watch daytime TV with me, play dead with his belly on the surface of the bowl waiting for you to tickle him... I eventually stopped calling him The Fish and called him Goldie after he'd lived thru a few months but I would've called him Elvis if i knew what a legend he was gonna be! haha

My mum named me after the character Jo in Little Women. She was a writer, a tomboy and cut her hair off to sell it for the family purse. Well, two out of three ain't bad eh?! haha and she says she named my bro David after the famous statue and he's never had any problems with the ladies so maybe there is something in a name after all!

So welcome to the world little Harrison! May the force be with you!

*If at all! My mum is gagging to be a granny and keeps eyeing my childbearing hips with a yearning look in her eye! haha, but frankly it can wait! looks way too painful and expensive to me!

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