Wednesday, February 21, 2007


i made pancakes for the first time yesterday. before i've sat idly by while others made me them, but it was pancake day and nobody had offered to make me any so i had to get my hands dirty!

well not that dirty - i just had to add an egg and some water to some batter mix i'd bought in tesco and whisk...

the first one was too thick but the first one is always the rubbish one. i added lemon. then i tried some honey. then i cracked open some chocolate and melted it into a folded one. then that was too sweet so i went back to lemon.

the problem with making pancakes for one is that you can't help but eat the hot one while you cook the next one which means dinner standing up in the kitchen. ruined. so i tried not eating them til i'd cooked them all and they went a bit cold. ruined again!

but i tossed them and everything!
let's eat pancakes all the time!
they're ace!
tasty and fun! haha

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