Thursday, February 08, 2007

let it snow let it snow let it snow

it snowed last night. a little bit. everywhere else in the country has buckets of snow but we have a dribble. typical. Manchester can never get the weather right!

but i think all these chilly temperatures has brought out some hibernation vibes cos i am tired all the time! doctors even have an abbreviation for this, TATT. apparently it's the most complained symtom in surgeries up and down the UK.

this is because people don't get enough sleep. most people catch up at the weekend and then feel cross like they've somehow wasted their days off. sleep is not a waste! it keeps you young! kylie said so! haha so it must be true!

if you went to sleep at 11 every night and then up at 7 you'd probs be ok - but most people get about 6/7 hours a night and this isn't enough. you should also get as much water down your neck as you can as most headaches are down to dehydration. Dr Jods that's me!

blimey this blog is a. really informative. and b. really boring! haha

i'm tired!!!!

another early night on the horizon...

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