Thursday, February 15, 2007

ladies who lunch

today i went to a ladies networking lunch thing. even though i work with a sales team i am not the sales person and so ahven't been to anything like this before.

it was very similiar to your first day at school. stand around a bit shy wondering who to make friedns with. everyone seems to be laughing and chatting and getting on brilliantly except you. haha

i lingered next to a couple of chicks chatting and introduced myself when their conversation came to a natural pause, explaining my inexprience at these things, they were very nice and asked what i did and we had a nice chat. then when we sat for lunch i was sat next to another couple of nice ladies who we chatted to about business and life in general.

lots of italian food later it was time to get back to the office but while i wouldn't go monthly i certainly would like to go to more of these networking meetings because i like meeting different people who i wouldn't normally meet.

so i was officially a lady who lunches today! ace!

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