Monday, February 05, 2007

"i'm so glad they're good again"

this is what i overheard in the queue at Marks and Spencer's last week when i popped in to buy a teeshirt and a box of flapjacks*

the women in question were all over 40 and all very happy showing off their soon to be purchases.

"look at this - only £7"

but do they genuinely believe M&S is on the up and up or are they just spouting what they see on the TV news? I asked my mum and she said she thought M&S was better than it was in recent years.

working in my job i'm still unconvinced. i shop there - haven't noticed them improve much. i still like their flapjacks. i still go there for my undies. end of story.

recently a taxi driver repeated a radio station's strapline to me like it was just a point of fact.

advertising works folks.

i'm in a very cynical mood this week i'm afraid. no particular reason.

i'm not cynical makes good blog.

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