Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day

the international day for hearts and flowers, ah i'm a big softie me!

my boyf made me the cutest animation ever - i particularly loved the purple house he'd drawn in the background! i want a purple house!

the girls and boys in the office got various love tokens like roses, chocolates and heart shaped balloons.. what's not to love about the day of love?!

some people crow on about the commercialism of it all, but these are the heartless types who crow on about xmas and all the other times they have to part with cash on a bit of frivolity! haha

i'm offically doing valentines on Friday cos i don't get to see my man mid-week, spending this evening round a girl friends for dinner and the Brit Awards! excellent! i even bought my self a toblerone!

happy valentine's day wherever you are and how ever you choose to spend it! xxx

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