Monday, February 12, 2007

The Queen Romped It

I watched the Baftas last night and was very disappointed to see The Queen get best film.

How did that happen?!

the nominations were:
BABEL - Alejandro González Iñárritu/Jon Kilik/Steve Golin
THE DEPARTED - Brad Pitt/Brad Grey/Graham King
THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND - Andrea Calderwood/Lisa Bryer/Charles Steel
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - Albert Berger/David T Friendly/Ron Yerxa
THE QUEEN - Andy Harries/Christine Langan/Tracey Seaward

Sure Helen Mirren rocks it as Her Madge but 'Best Film'? it was a good TV movie at best! And that Tony Blair impersonator was well annoying! Little Miss Sunshine shoulda got it for sure. If you've not seen it try and watch it on dvd - it's sweet, funny, understated... a really pleasant surprise of a film!

Of course the Oscars are next up. Matey, Peter o Toole is it? is up for an Oscar for his performance as a lecherous old man in Venus. Nice. They don't give him one for Lawrence of Arabia but they'll give him one for this rubbish just cos he's on the way out - might be their last chance. I am tres diallusioned with the Oscars and their 'sympathy' wins or 'owed' wins. It means a rather rubbish film can get an Oscar on the back of an old coot being in it! Now i'm sure Peter O Toole deserved an Oscar during his career but it's so boring when they give it away to the old timer... Of course he may not even get it.

i do like movies tho. i am currently living next door to a cinema and my visits are weekly! we saw the chesse fest that is Music and Lyrics this weekend and i'm hoping to catch Dreamgirls soon haha, the very hotly awaited Hot Fuzz is out this weekend and i'm definitely going to see that before the week is out! haha

I'd like to thank my mother...

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G.S. said...

I saw LAWRENCE OF ARABIA again a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't get that scary scene out of my mind where they're attacking the Turks and O'Toole cries out, "No prisoners!"... If he didn't get Best Actor that year, who did?... I had the casting director of MUSIC AND LYRICS in my taxi last night - I'm writing about it in my next post... Where did the term "Baftas" come from? Never heard of that over here.