Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Oh my god. I am easily depressed when i read about the terrible exploits of human beans but this award winning documentary from Al Gore has made me quite gloomy!

It actually has an upbeat message - we can make a difference. we can get out of this greenhouse we've built for ourselves. but while you've got global warming deniers in power we're f**ked!

if you haven't seen it, please promise you'll watch it.
and tell all your friends to watch it.
because the man puts forward a very good argument and i want everyone to do as he says!

evil flourishes while good men stand by and do nothing. or something like that. is global warming evil? of course it is. when it's middle aged white folk in the richest country on the planet making decisions that will make the poorest of the world homeless.

there's a really interesting slide that shows how the planet will look when the sea levels rise 20 feet if the ice caps melt. and i don't reckon immigration laws will stand up if there are millions of people looking for a new place to live cos their entire city/ country/ island sank!

my man says anything a politician has to say smells of bias for one reason or another. Gore explains how he came to be an environmentalist - i guess to answer questions like my man's - and as a girl who owned a book called The Young Person's Guide To saving The Planet at 16, i can see where he's coming from.

we have to vote with our feet. only buy green and only vote green.

i hope he runs for president in 2008. he wants to save the planet!

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