Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the swines

i went to see Russell Brand live last night at the Manchester Opera House.

my friend screamed with delight as he talked about his most personal w*nking experiences and i chomped down on a bag of revels*

he is supported by his mate Trevor Lock who is really bad! Like seriously bad. Painful to watch as he limps off defeated bad. I guess this only makes the audience appreciate Russell more so it's a good move for him. He's on tour with his mate and he looks great! haha the swines! we have to watch that cr*p! haha

we waited to meet the love muscle after the show - he invited everyone into the foyer** to get a piccie and a kiss - he gave a pass word for aftershow naughtiness for the single girls in the audience but i am very happy with my own hilarious man so it never passed my lips! haha he was very pleasant though - he looked quite tired and i felt a bit sorry for him - he really does overtime waiting and meeting fans for hours after the gig - it must be a labour of love for him. he gets to meet lots of hot chicks after all! haha

he tried to give us some politics in between the c*ck jokes but the opera house wan't having it and seemed more interested in shouting out his catchphrases.

he did not, at any point, pull down his trousers and pants. hehe

*revels are brilliant. the element of surprise is somewhat ruined by the obvious malteser and chocolate button shapes tho haha and i've got choc raisins covered... revels are easy to crack man! haha

**the staff who had to work late were very unimpressed!

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